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High resolution optics

Resolve surface details as small as 0.53 µm on single fiber connectors and 1.4 µm on multi-fiber connectors.

Detailed 2D/3D surface profiles

The 3D surface view enables you to see the volume image of the fiber and the ferrule
and to examine surface details.

Largest field of view up to 5700 µm

Measure connectors from guide hole to guide hole.

High contrast optics

Inspect buffer zones, materials with different reflectivity (e.g. metal ferrule and plastic fiber).


Minimize operator’s actions to just one click.
*available with MAX-QS+, MAX-QM-B+ , MAX-QM+ and MAX-Quantum.

Fast scan

Measure single fiber connectors in 1 second and multi-fiber connectors in 6 seconds.

Versatility of tasks

Test single fiber and multi-fiber ferrules and patchcords along with bare ferrules, cleaved bare fiber and flat polish connectors.

High resolution anomalies detection*

Identify scratches as small as 0.53 microns.
* MAX-QS+, MAX-QM-B+ and MAX-Quantum.

Microscopy Mode*

Visually inspect connector end face prior to measurement
* MAX-QS+, MAX-QM-B+ and MAX-Quantum.

Calibration-free fixtures*

Forget about tedious every-day calibration.

Inspect single and multi-fiber connectors, ferrules, mechanically and laser-cleaved bare fibers, MS termini, both PC and APC.

* All basic fixtures except for special Side View and Side+Front View fixtures.

50 µm scan range

Measure large height differences.

Automated inspection software

Measure radius of curvature, apex offset, fiber height, core dip, etc.

Easy report generation and data archival

Prove quality of your connectors.

Compliance to industry standards

Test per IEC, Telcordia or your own Pass/Fail criteria.